IMPULSES for buying a vintage luxury handbag, here you will learn this

You are thinking about treating yourself to a new designer bag?

BAGGYLUXE gives you valuable recommendations to help you navigate your search for a new designer bag.

Here we have the best suggestions for your bag purchase at BAGGYLUXE in second-hand quality, keep reading!

  • What requirement should the handbag meet for you?

Before buying, you should think carefully about when and where you want to wear the bag. The first question you should ask yourself, which style of bag actually fits my personal type? Questions such as what are your requirements for your designer bag? Should it rather be a bag for business, for the office, for the university, for the party, perhaps also a gift for someone or but also for your leisure time? Also the bag shape and size are a very good clue to approach his desire for a new designer bag. The selection is huge and the choice is of course sometimes very difficult, because there are just so many great designer bag- models

  • A style question, which one suits me?

It is quite important first that the bag fits your own style. Maybe sporty, trendy or classic - many things are possible here. Also a good point is to choose the style of the bag so, with which you personally also simply feel most comfortable. You should not be guided by spontaneous purchases. From the handle bag, the shoulder bag about the Shopper- but also modern designs such as bag bags or but backpacks are always a nice topic. Perhaps a trend of fanny packs could also be something for you?

Advantages of these bags exist and myself I may also call a fanny pack my own.

  • Material question, what material do I want?

The choice to the material of a handbag, whether it may be a leather bag, or but also fabric bags, recycled bags, vegan bags also here the selection on the second hand bag market is huge. Questions, how important is the material to me, can I identify with it, what attitude do I have to resources? Invest in the right handbag, one may quietly think about it and make quite accurate considerations. To which designer bags it draws you such as Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, MCM all are something very special. Possibly also think in the direction of care for a bag, good expensive leather needs to be cared for and are much more delicate compared to fabric bags. A recommendation could be, if you think of leather to robust such as the EPI- leather of Louis Vuitton to reach. Very nice we say at BAGGYLUXE.

  • Storage question, how big may the bag be?

The handbag is a constant companion, many things must purely and best everything must with. To make considerations regarding the size, possibly whether documents in A4 should also fit in, everyday things like Portmonnaie, smartphone, small utensils what you just so still needed, should be included. Sizes from small to large, everything is possible.

  • Figure question, how big am I myself?

On the actual body size, which bag size looks good on yourself, here you should choose the format proportional to the body size, so that the overall image also appears very coherent. Trends such as XL- formats are for small petite ladies rather not so pretty to look at, thinking also in the direction of recommendations of health experts in the field of posture schools, then you should rather refrain from too large Bags.

  • Support bracket, what shape do I want?

These wonderful permanent bag companion can be worn practically in the crook of the arm but also over the shoulder, even as a shoulder bag to crossbody, but possibly also on the back, in the form of a backpack. Again, there are many options to consider which carry holder you would prefer.

However many designer bags there may be, the ONE bag for everything does not yet exist. We of BAGGYLUXE are anyway different opinion a each lady, gentleman and youth may call at least three bag favorites his own.

According to the given occasion, the bag companion must also be adapted.

This is of course also related to the respective budget that you want to provide for it. But that is then another story.

We at BAGGYLUXE offer these luxurious designer bags in second- hand or in other words in pre-loved bags quality and are happy if you visit our online boutique.

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Text: Sabine Prangenberg

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