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APRIL 15, 2021


The impressive stories about handbags.

This story is about bag creations from Louis Vuitton.

Text by Jasmin Maria Nussbaumer

Be curious, maybe your "new companion" under

the top sellers.  

Let's go, let's take a closer look at the bag models from the French fashion house.

For lovers, all the bells ring as soon as the names "Speedy“, „Neverfull" and "Alma“Fall - but which models are so popular?


The absolute winner - "Keepall"

Louis Vuitton Kepall 60

A look back to 1924, when LV first launched the Keepall

You just have to love them. The Keepall is a very soft one Travel bagIt is also super light and a real "space saver".

There is just room for everything in this bag and it always cuts a fine figure - whether for a weekend trip, one Business trip or at Wellness. Another great feature is that the Keepall can be folded flat and so the "space miracle" becomes a "stowage miracle" when it is not in use and it is waiting for the next trip.

In summary, the Keepall is a typical one Carry-on bag with certain merits and the prototype of today's Weekenders.


The second in the series - "Noe"

It was ready for the market in 1930 and it's hard to believe - it was born out of necessity

Let's travel back in time, namely to 1930. A producer from the beverage industry approached Gaston Vuitton with a special kind of request. He asked Gaston if he could develop a bag for him that would hold exactly five bottles of champagne.

In fact, the query was even more precise. There should be space for 4 bottles standing in the bag and the fifth should be able to be placed upside down in the middle. So we speak of a bucket-like shape with the Noe. Another requirement for this bag was that it had to be both elegant and stable.

We find BAGGYLUXE to be a very charming story and a challenge.

The Noe is still in production today and the line has even been expanded to include a number of other versions, including, for example: the Nano version.


The next in line - "Speedy"

It is very well known and came onto the market in 1932

You could say that the Speedy is the little sister of the Keepall. The shape is based on that of its big sister.

The Speedy is a universal handbag, with style.

Do you have any idea where the Speedy got its name from?

We'll tell you. With it you can enjoy quick transport of your most important daily companions, perfectly adapted for a dynamic lifestyle - hence the name "Speedy".

Audrey Hepburn wanted a larger version of this bag in the 1960s, so this was created.


"ALMA" a wonderful name

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Amaranth

The year is 1934 - "Art Deco" style from Louis Vuitton

Gaston Vuitton just created the Squire Bag and was inspired by it. The result was  the Alma in Art Deco style.

The name isALMA"for a square and a bridge in Paris.

Do you know which ones? It is the "Place and Pont d`Alma", which are at the end of the Avenue Montaigne.

The Alma was relaunched in 1992 as a symbol of Parisian elegance.

Meanwhile the ,,ALMA"an absolute icon in the world of handbags.


Golden mean - “Lockit” in the row

The Lockit of Louis Vuitton came on the market in 1958

Lockit - the locking mechanism is a reference to your name, because there is a leather patch with a padlock on the side of the bag.

The pocket shape was rediscovered in the archives of the luxury house and reinterpreted in three new versions.


"Papillon" follows in the form of a butterfly

It came on the market in a cylinder shape in 1966

When Henry Louis Vuitton was walking down the Champs-Elysées, he was inspired by a young Parisian.

Then he created a bag in the shape of a butterfly, hence the name Papillion.

The cylindrical shape is reminiscent of the curves of the butterfly and the narrow handles of the wings.

We at BAGGYLUXE think so Papillon wonderful.


Meaningful - "Neverfull"

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

Big bigger Biggest- the neverfull - She was born in 2007 

It has only been available since 2007, but it quickly became a legend - a modern one Shoppers was born. The Neverfull is the perfect companion for everyday life, in which everything really fits.

BAGGYLUXE founder Sabine Prangenberg reminisces:

“I was told that this bag can hold up to 30 kg. It really is one of my favorite bags. So she always carried the children's toys reliably, milk and juice bottles were always ready, the small snack for in between meals and my “daily accessories” still found space 😊 - She leaves these memories with me - and I don't want to miss them - my unique connection with the "Neverfull.“





"CAPUCINES" the first on the street

From 2013

The first Louis Vuitton store opened in 1854 at 4, rue Neuve-des-Capucines. For this reason, the Capucines got its name, because it refers to the street of the first LV shop.

Empress Eugénie (wife of Napoléon III) visited this street very often. She chose Louis Vuitton as her official "packer" to pack her most precious possessions.

At the base of the handle of the "Capucines"The densely studded rings are reminiscent of those on the Louis Vuitton suitcases, attached nails.


Last but not least - "twist" 

We arrived in 2015 - the twist

These bag was first presented at the cruise show in spring / summer 2015. Inspired by the one from 1988

"Pochette Trapèze Twist-lock" - a twist lock. The strap of the bag is a chain - strictly speaking, it should be reminiscent of Japanese nautical chains. The most outstanding feature of this bag is the twist lock - the "L" becomes a "V" and so leaves The bag opens, and we think the initials on the screw cap are very iconic.

Of the Keepal to Speedy about the Neverfull up to twist - We hope you enjoyed the concise journey through handbags from Louis Vuitton.

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Image source: Owner BAGGYLUXE 

Text: Jasmin Maria Nussbaumer












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